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About me

img Canadian entrepreneur Ronny Kadarishko is changing the game in the fields of marketing, e-commerce and public relations, making his mark by conceptualizing companies that alter the way society works. A visionary in his youth, Kadarishko started his first business at age 17. His friends and family were impressed with his ideas and found his concepts unique. So, he put his head down and started drafting business ideas. Flash forward more than two decades and 80 business plans later — Kadarishko has 12 start-ups under his belt and five thriving companies that have him liaising with hundreds of staff daily in offices that span the globe.

The one business plan Kadarishko can’t accurately draft, however, is how to effectively harness Father Time in order to see each and every one of his business plans through. The Toronto-born, Vancouver-based Kadarishko established his first major business in 1998, an online marketing firm with 220 employees. It’s Kadarishko’s venture into the online marketing and public relations sphere, however, that has allowed him to take his expertise in social networking management and intercultural communication to the next level and become a true innovator of new online branding strategies.

Kadarishko could see where the fields of public relations and marketing were heading, so he begun to construct the outer shell of a new type of public relations company — one that could bundle a host of tailor-made services into a single PR package to create the ideal company presence online that could dominate web search results. A turn-key solution that was wide in scope and technologically superior. In 2012 he founded OPPS Inc., a modernized reputation agency that has paved the way for a new dimension in the field of online public relations.

OPPS Inc. defines the art of online branding by transforming a company’s profile to what it wants the world to see through a host of optimization strategies. If clients want to go viral, Kadarishko will elevate their companies in ways they never thought possible through modernized online video marketing methods and targeted image galleries. With a wealth of international connections and relationships with large publications around the world, Kadarishko can position his clients’ brands in front of massive, international audiences.

img The demands for public relations in today’s competitive marketplace are far more advanced than the offline marketing services of yesteryear. Companies must cover much more ground and require a system in place to maintain their reputations online, especially if negative reviews or commentary surface. Further revolutionizing the sphere of online public relations, Kadarishko employs a Google link removal strategy he pioneered several years ago for companies dealing with slanderous online material. Kadarishko has removed more than 75,000 links for major brand companies to date. This is one reason why his name is being circulated among major international companies and corporations that use OPPS Inc.’s services. Simply put, Kadarishko just gets it.

As a result, OPPS Inc. has grown exponentially over the last few years and is now expanding to more than 10 countries worldwide. OPPS has also expanded into the political sphere — a host of politicians work with Kadarishko to manage their election campaigns online.

While a large majority of his companies’ growth comes through word of mouth, Kadarishko maintains that his goals are not focused simply on building a large client base, but also on assembling the best possible team. He takes pride in hiring high-level employees and takes the time to educate and train them well through strict programming, evaluating their progress every step of the way. This way he can ensure each and every one of his clients are supported and provided the best possible solutions. There is only so much Kadarishko to go around.

“It’s all about hiring the right people,” says Kadarishko. “You must do your proper due diligence with each employee. You don’t build a business — you build people. And these people build the business. Hiring the best to support your businesses is the highest achievement for any entrepreneur building multiple companies.

“Plus, without my clients happy, I have no business.”

img Kadarishko keeps busy. His day is laced with special applications that monitor his daily tasks and projects, and although his sleep time is minimal, he does shut his eyes and meditate in 20-minute cycles a few times a day.

Like any successful entrepreneur, Kadarishko knows the importance of powering down and taking breaks, and every three months he carves out time to spend with his family. A world traveller, the father of three finds enjoyment in golf, basketball and philanthropy — donating regularly to international charities and to countries in crisis.

A mentor to young entrepreneurs, Kadarishko continually imparts the one point his own mentors have never wavered on — they should surround themselves with the people they most would like to emulate, and to never fear failure.

“Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other,” he says. “In order to be successful you need to fail hundreds of times.”

With his sights set on accelerated global expansion and a book in the works on what it takes to be a successful leader, Kadarishko continues to push his companies — and his employees — further and harder, landing new clients, establishing symbiotic relationships, shaking as many hands as possible, and shifting the business world ever so slightly.